About Me

Currently I'm lucky enough to get to spend my time with my wonderful wife, living within walking distance of the Atlantic ocean in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  

Largely a self taught artist, I like to travel, sketch, paint, do illustration, take photographs, go bodyboarding, hang art in my gallery (www.TaDaGallery.com), work in my studio, and help things run smoothly behind the scenes at our beautiful seaside boutique (www.LookCharmed.com). 

Reading is as necessary as breathing for me. Some people know that I have a little itsy bitsy tsundoku habit and that frequently I'm known to be a  librocubicultarist. 

I guess I also love expanding my vocabulary. :)

Artist Statement

Jim Neuner (°1969, Louisville, KY United States).

The ambience of light filling a space or cascading across surfaces just feels special.  My work is intuitive and motivated by feeling of that space, time, and place. I do my best to capture these feelings and then place them into each photograph and every stroke of my brush. The dynamics and intersections of landscape and mood, shape and color are what make my art uniquely my own. Rather than presenting a factual reality, a representation of feeling is created so that an impression of that space, a sliver of time is left on the canvas.  

Currently an associate member of the American Impressionist Society, I belong to various Plein Air groups, and have paintings and photographs in private collections in North America and Europe.

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